MINUTES August 9, 2016

Directors present: Chanda Donnan, Pat Brown, Linda Kraai, Marsha Putnam and Mike Wood.

Directors absent: Barb Drake, Rosemary Johnson, and Val Lau.

Members Present: David Klien

DNR: Ranger Heather Brushaber

President Marsha Putnam called the meeting to order at 6:45 PM.

Marsha welcomed Heather and thanked her for attending.

Mike Wood presented the minutes of the June meeting. Upon a motion by Linda, as supported by Chanda, the minutes were unanimously approved with corrections.

Marsha presented the president’s report. Marsha inquired as to whether any Board Members completed survey forms. None responded. Park Master Plan drafts have not yet been released.

Marsha shared that Barb Drake resigned as web master. Barb remains a Board Member. Marsha is in discussions with Todd Ring to assume web master duties.

Marsha reported that the ETS discussion of Sleepy Hollow trail density has been deferred to a later meeting date.

Marsha thanked Linda for her work on the 4th of July campover.

Pat Brown presented the Treasurer’s report, which included receipts and disbursements for the July 4th Weekend Campover.

Upon a motion by Mike, as supported by LInda, the Treasurer’s report was unanimously approved.

Pat shared the invoice for 61 yards of gravel for the July work bee. The charges were higher than normal due to multiple drops.

Pat shared that the Association owns a disk that was acquired to support Plow Days. Pat reported that the disk is not used and not needed now that Plow Days is no longer an event at the park.

Upon a motion by Linda as supported by Chanda, it was unanimously resolved to sell the disk.

Marsha and Pat recapped the July work bee. 19 volunteers using 3 member supplied tractors, the park’s tractor, Dave Klien’s dump trailer and various other equipment worked a long day installing gravel in low lying areas. Pat estimated volunteer labor and equipment value in excess of $6,000 with the total donation of labor, equipment and material approaching $8,000.

Dave Klien shared information about equipment repairs to the dump trailer. The trailer is ready for fall work bees. Dave’s suggestions for workflow improvements included: having the loader removed from the Park Tractor and gravel piles situated to accommodate site loading and trail access.

Dave shared improvements planned for the trailer which included an imporved suspension stop. Marsha imquired of Dave the cost associated with trailer use. David provided receipts totaling $600.

Upon a motion by Mike as supported by Chanda, the Board approved reimbursing the Kliens $600 for out of pocket costs associated with the dump trailer.

Heather shared that the gator we used was also in need of repairs estimated at $212. Marsha asked Heather to report back on the repair status and requested contribution from the Association.

Chanda reported picking up two new memberships which brings the membership count to 92.

The next board meeting was set for October 11, 2016, 6:30 at the Park Headquarters Building.

Upon a motion by Pat Brown, as supported by Mike Wood, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michael A. Wood, Secretary