MINUTES February 9, 2016

Directors present: Linda Kraai, Pat Brown,  Marsha Putnam, Rosemary Johnson Val Lau, Barb Drake and Mike Wood.

Directors absent:  Kathy Glew, Chanda Donnan and Mary Mallory.

Members Present: Rachael Moreno, Marsha Korrock

DNR – Tim Machowicz

President Marsha Putnam called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM.

Marsha presented the agenda, calling for any additions from board members.  The agenda was accepted as presented.

Mike Wood presented the minutes of the January 12th  meeting.  Upon a motion by Linda Kraai  as supported by Val Lau, the revised minutes were unanimously approved.

Pat Brown presented the Treasurer’s Report. Upon a motion by Rosemary Johnson, as supported by Barb Drake, the Treasurer’s Report was unanimously approved.

Pat shared that we already have 72 2016 memberships.

Marsha Putnam presented the President’s report.   Marsha shared information obtained by Tim on the North Ridge Trail extension. Stewardship Unit Manager, Ray Fahlsing shared with Tim that his position has not changed.  Due to density concerns an expansion would need to be offset by abandoning equal milage.  Reports we received suggested that Chief of Northern Michigan Field Operations, Anna Sylvester, believed that density was no longer an issue.  Tim shared information about the chain of command, including Jason Fleming, Chief Resource Protection and Promotion.  Consensus was for President Putnam to send a letter of support to Chief Sylvester.

Tim shared information about the Park’s 2016 master plan update.  Committee meetings have commenced.  Deb Jenson, Park Management Plan Administrator is the Project Manager.  SHTRA is categorized as a Stakeholder.  Consensus was for President Putnam to form a committee to prepare stakeholder input.

Marsha initiated a discussion on insurance, sharing research she and Rosemary performed.  Of particular interest was the differences in state provided liability protection for groups.

Adopt-a-Trail groups currently share the most comprehensive trail maintenance liability protection for volunteers.  Adopt-a-Park group do not share the same protection, however, legislation is under discussion to close the gap between these groups.  Friends Groups, like us, are not provided with liability protections for our volunteers.  There are no known legislative discussions on providing volunteer liability protection to Friends Group members.

Conversely, Friends Groups are expected to carry insurance protecting the State.  We were reminded that our tabled execution of the Memorandum of Understanding is tabled due lack of details on the cost of insurance required insurance coverage.  Quotes have been requested.

The Board discussed that our trail maintenance contributions were our primary focus, with events designed to attract and retain members and funds in support of maintenance and improvements

The Board requested that Tim pursue Adopt-a-Trail status for our work bee volunteers.  Execution of the MOU will continued to be tabled and listed under old business, pending developments on liability protection and insurance required.

Marsha shared correspondence received from Mike Kelly.  Mike had inquired at Rose Lake State Game Area Headquarters as to where he was allowed to ride his horse and was informed that no part of Rose Lake was open to horseback riding.  The Association’s has interest in Rose Lake trail access because it serves as a suitable destination for riders in the early spring, a time when our trails are frequently waterlogged.

Marsha and Pat shared information from the Annual Meeting and Auction.  The Board  discussed comments cards completed by members.

Marsha reviewed event developments.  Pat inquired of Tim regarding an open trails week.  Discussion followed.  The Board will research how the well established Green Lake Ride works.

Marsha opened the floor for nominations of officers.  Val Lau nominated the full slate of 2015 officers and committee assignments.  Marsha called for any additional nominations, hearing none she requested a motion to close the nomination process.  Upon a motion by Linda Kraai, as support by Val Lau, the Board unanimously approved closing the nomination process.

Having no contested positions, President Putnam announce the re-election of the 2015 slate of officers and committee assignments.

The next Board Meeting is March 8th, 6:30 PM at the Park Headquarters.

Upon a motion by Val Lau, as supported by Pat Brown, the meeting was adjourned at  8:05 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michael A. Wood