MINUTES January 12, 2016

Directors present: Linda Kraai, Chanda Donnan, Pat Brown,  Marsha Putnam, Rosemary Johnson Val Lau, Barb Drake and Mike Wood.

Directors absent:  Kathy Glew and Mary Mallory.

Members Present: Del and Jean Austin

DNR – Tim Machowicz

President Marsha Putnam called the meeting to order at 6:40 PM.

Marsha presented the agenda, calling for any additions from board members.  The agenda was accepted as presented.

Mike Wood presented the minutes of the December 8th  meeting.  Upon a motion by Chanda Donnan as supported by Pat Brown, the revised minutes were unanimously approved.

Pat Brown presented the Treasurer’s Report. Upon a motion by Mike Wood, as supported by Val Lau, the Treasurer’s Report was unanimously approved.

Barb Drake provided the Vice-President report.  Barb shared the new logo and explained technology advancements that enable production of the logo in various sizes using multiple mediums.  We can now support logo production in multiple sizes on a variety of garments, all with consistent quality.

Marsha Putnam presented the President’s report.  Marsha reported sharing draft PMP grant applications with Tim, discussions on WIP documentation and grant scale.

Tim reminded the Board that the target size for PMP grants is $5,000 to $20,000.  Both projects we drafted grant applications for have cost estimates below the target minimum.  Tim suggested that a comprehensive trail upgrade project may better match the scale targeted by the PMP Grant process.

The Board discussed non-grant sources of funding for the East Bridge and North Ridge Trail projects.  Consensus was that existing funds were available to complete these projects.  The Board also agreed to take under advisement a more comprehensive trails funding project for a future year’s PMP grant application.  Upon a motion by Mike Wood, as supported by Val Lau, it was unanimously resolved to rescind The two motions passed in December that authorized PMP grant applications.

Marsha welcomed Dave Klein who provided an update on the availability of a trailer designed to transport and distribute aggregate on horse trails.  Association members recently held a work bee at Dave’s facility to start retrofitting the trailer for trail use.  Dave reported that the work will be soon completed and that the trailer is available for 2016 trail maintenance.  The Board thanked Dave for the update and shared enthusiasm for the utility the trailer will provide.

Dave shared that members of his family received warnings from officers while riding horses in Rose Lake State Game Area.  The warning were received in the area frequented by equestrian on the trails west of Woodbury Rd.  Del reported that he has been in contact with state personnel at Rose Lake and that the warnings were not consistent with his most recent discussions.

Marsha shared with Tim that the Board approved execution of the Memorandum of Understanding proposed by the DNR.  The Board discussed with Tim changes in our joint operations, post execution.  Specifically, the Board needed to understand what additional insurance would be required for our normal operations and our scheduled calendar of events.

Marsha reviewed scheduled events.  Tim agreed to address insurance requirements.  Execution of the MOU was tabled pending Tim’s insurance requirements report.

Marsha provided an update on ETS activities and communications with our area representative, Kristi Walls.  The Board discussed various state wide equestrian trail user issues including: volunteer hours accounting, non-equestrian use of equestrian staging areas, methods used to secure horses in camp.

Marsha led discussions which finalized details for the Annual Meeting, scheduled for February 6th.  Marsha shared that Lori Coffin would be recognized at the meeting as a ten year member.  Marsha reviewed the slate of board members up for re-election and share commitments from those who agreed to run for renewal.

Marsha called for comments on the  Memorandum of Understanding drafted by the Department of Natural Resources and presented by Tim at last month’s meeting.    The agreement was discussed.

The Board discussed and finalized details needed for publishing the 2016 events calendar.

Marsha called for comments on signage for the South Trail including warning on unsafe lake bottom.  Marsha will ask Tim to have the Park supply the signs.

The next Board Meeting is February 9th, 6:30 PM at the Park Headquarters.

Upon a motion by Rosemary Johnson, as supported by Pat Brown, the meeting was adjourned at  8:40 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michael A. Wood