MINUTES December 3, 2018

Sleepy Hollow Trail Riders Association
Meeting Minutes
Coffin Residence
December 3, 2018

In attendance: Marsha Putnam, President
Lori Coffin, Vice President
Pat Brown, Treasurer
Chanda Donnan, Secretary
Rosie Johnson
Marsha Korroch
Absent: Val Lau & Todd Ring
Visitor(s): Rachael Moreno

Meeting called to order at 5:45 p.m. by President Marsha Putnam.

October 15, 2018 minutes were reviewed. Motion by Marsha Korroch to approve the minutes as presented, support by Lori Coffin. Motion carried.

Officer Reports:


Park updates:
* Park Manager Tim Machowicz reported to Marsha he was pleased with our Explore the Hollow ride in October and the brush hogging now done on the West Loop. Looking forward he would like to address the East Loop erosion problems at Springtime.
* Site F will have more signs provided by the Park by Springtime.

Vice President:
May 10-12, 2019 is the 100th-anniversary celebration of Michigan State Parks. SHTRA will look into an event, special commemorative sticker, etc. to celebrate the event.

Pat Brown reviewed the treasurer’s report. Motion by Rosie Johnson to approve the treasurer’s report, support by Marsha Korroch. Motion carried.

No report

Committee Reports:

89 current memberships

With Todd Ring’s notice, he will not continue serving on the Board we will discuss with him continuing to host the SHTRA website on his platform.

2019 event dates (DRAFT):
Feb. 2 Annual meeting
May 5 Rotten Egg Hunt
May 24-27 Memorial Day (Host: Marsha Korroch/someone else do games)
July 12-14 Lazy Days
Aug 30 – Sept 2 Labor Day
Oct 18-20 Explore the Hollow

No updates

No updates

Unfinished Business:

Tri-Fold Pamphlet:
Have Todd send to Chanda for future use.

Slippery When Wet Signs:
Marsha will ask Tim to review

Vertical Mower: Discussion on whether we should continue to have Dave build given the East and West Loops have been brush hogged. Discussion tabled with the consensus that the vertical mower could serve as to upkeep the work that has been done.

Annual Meeting: February 2, 2019. 11:00 set-up, 1:00 p.m. potluck, games in the evening for those who want to stay. Discussed obtaining donations for the auction, Danny & friends playing, acknowledgment of park management, etc.

New Business:

Discussion on wishes to have reflective safety vests and orange t-shirts added to inventory. Marsha contacted person that does MTRA apparel and received a quote of $24 per vest. Discussion tabled.

2019 Events:
Planned (above).

Goal/project w Stocked Materials:
1) new tile in East side of staging area 2) equine obstacle course 3) hill reroute 4) add lower rings on picket poles for hay bags 5) gravel under picket areas 6) fix erosion on East Loop.

2019 Election:
Rachael Moreno and Jennifer Sergeant have expressed interest in joining the board.

Stallion Expo Participation:

Motion by Pat Brown to adjourn the meeting, support by Chanda Donnan. Motion carried. Adjournment: 8:07 p.m.

NEXT MEETING: January 14, 2019, 6:30 pm at Brown Residence

Recorded and submitted by Chanda Donnan

Reminder of Volunteer Credit Hours:
Host: 12 hours per weekend (no exception for longer holiday weekends)
Game organizer: 4 hours per game
Registration: 2 hours per event
Apparel: 4 hours per event
Meeting attendance: 3 hour