February 2019

SHTRA 2019 events are planned.  We offer 9 events, 5 have weekend camping with 12 overnights available. We hope you can attend the Annual Meeting, 1:00 pm potluck, auction and board games on Feb 2, Victor Township Hall.  Our first work bee for cleaning up trail debris and the staging area is 9:00 am Saturday, April 6th.  April 27th is our second work bee date. You come to work and earn camping credit. We do lunch.  The Rotten Egg Hunt is hosted by Pat Brown and will be Sunday, May 5th, 2:00 pm.  This is a fun staging area event on foot for youngsters searching for goodies in the Easter Bunny left behind. Optional trail riding that day depends on trail conditions.

Camping? Riding? Trail Driving? Memorial Day Weekend will have a 3-night camp over, one fundraiser ride, potluck, and campfires with Marsha Korrock hosting. MHDVA will be attending this event. There will be no Fourth of July Ride as so many other events are occurring elsewhere. On July 12-13, host Chanda Donnan will have us gathering for Lazy Days Weekend with a potluck but no organized ride. It’s a 2-night camp over.  The weekend of July 26-28 our theme is “Fantasy Island”. Hosts Dave and Therese Kline are planning numerous sights for the riders that weekend. You won’t want to miss this unique event. Who knows what you will find! The Labor Day weekend will be hosted by Marsha Putnam and MHDVA friends. It will be a 3-night camp over will special fundraiser ride, Sat. Potluck, Sunday Root Beer Floats, and group campfires.  Sunday, Sept. 29 will be the 16th Kris Kulhanek Judged Trail Ride hosted by the Rangers 4-H Club.  This is a great horsemanship test, with lunch and cash back prizes.  Our 3rd Explore the Hollow weekend will be a 2-night camp over Oct. 18-20 with host Pat Brown. This weekend is in time for a full moon and a special ride.  So plan to come and explore the forbidden hiking trails. We welcome everyone’s participation and assistance with our events. Check our website for Host contact numbers and specific information for that event. Our Facebook page is a great way to contact others who are attending or gathering to ride or drive the SHTRA trails. Remember when cart driving the East Loop to “go UP the big hill” not down! Also, please no carts on the big 100ft arched bridge to the island. The Island trails are too narrow and winding for carts. Have you visited Wayne Mear’s Memorial picnic table on The Island yet?

If interested, go to 1-800-44-Parks or online www.midnrreservations.com to register for a cabin rental. If you want to horse camp, ride or drive when there is no special event scheduled at Sleepy? Don’t have an LQ  trailer? Try renting either the two bedrooms modern cabin/electricity or the one bedroom heated rustic cabin for a “get away & go riding” weekend. Try getting a group together and rent both! It’s easy and fun to rent a SHSP camp or both w/picket poles overlooking the lake. If you want to bring your dogs, it is now allowed at the rental cabin for a $10.00 fee. You can call SHSP at 517-651-6217 for more information but must book online.

Got your 2019 renewal letter w/membership form? Sent it back?  If you would like to join our fun group and need a membership form, go to our website www.shtra.org  or call 989-661-2541 and I will send you one.

Happy Trails,

Marsha Putnam