July 2019

SHTRA 2019  Summer events are planned. We are working on replacing the crushed drains for the east staging area. Camping?  Riding? Trail Driving?  Currently the main south loop trail to the Island and about the island is very enjoyable. That gives you a 6 mile ride, add more if you circle ride the island.  The other loops are very muddy due to all the rain.  We can do little with our glacial outwash clay soils on the trails until ground dries up.

There will be no Fourth of July Ride as so many other events are occurring elsewhere. On July 12-13, Host Chanda Donnan will have us gathering for Lazy Days Weekend  with a Saturday afternoon T-Shirt Dying. Please bring your white t shirt to tie dye. We did this last year and so many want to do this again. Plan a dish to pass for the 6:00pm potluck and stay to enjoy the group campfire. It’s a 2 night campover at $17.00 a night.

The weekend of July 26-28  theme is “Fantasy  Island”. Host Dave and Therese Kline are planning numerous sights for the riders this  fun weekend. You won’t want to miss this unique event. Win the campsite decorating contest with showing us your Fantasy camp. For all, each trail loop will have its own surprise game. Do as much as you want or as little as you wish. Saturday 6:00 pm potluck w/ main meat dish provided. Please bring a dish to pass. 50/50 after dinner.  Don’t forget to decorate your stick horse for the big race! Divisions depend on number of stick horse entries. You know there will be the chimney campfire with pirotech Dave in charge of the fire tongs. More Info? Call 989-289-2334.

The Labor Day weekend will be hosted by Marsha Putnam, friends and MHDVA . It will be a 3 night campover with Saturday’s  fundraiser ride, 6:00 pm Sat. Potluck, 2:00 pm Sunday Root Beer Floats and  group campfires.

Sunday Sept. 29 will be the 16th Kris Kulhanek Memorial Judged Trail Ride hosted by the Rangers 4-H Club. No camping. This is a great horsemanship test, lunch and cash back prizes. 517-651-6884.

Our 3rd Explore the Hollow weekend will be a 2 night campover Oct. 18-20 with Host Pat Brown. This weekend is time for fall colors, a full moon and special riding on Forbidden Trails.  So plan to come explore the hiking/bike trails.

Our Face book page is a great way to contact others who are attending or gathering to ride or drive the SHTRA trails. Also, please no carts over the big 100’ bridge to the island as it has narrow winding trails. Have you visited Wayne Mears’s Memorial picnic table on the Island?

Want to rent one of the cabins?  Go to 1-800-44-Parks or on line www.midnrreservations.com to register. The camping cabins are available if there is no special event scheduled at Sleepy Hollow. Don’t have an LQ trailer? Rent either the two bedroom modern cabin/electricity /shower or the one bedroom, heated rustic cabin for a “get away & go riding” weekend. Try getting a group together and rent both!  It’s easy and fun to rent a SHSP cabin w/pickett poles overlooking the lake. If you want to bring your dog, it is now allowed at the rustic cabin for a $10.00 fee. You can call SHSP at 517-651-6217 for more information but you must book your reservation online. If you would like to join our fun group and need a membership form, go to our website www.shtra.org  or call 989-661-2541 and I will send you one.