Sleepy Hollow State Park Rustic CabinThe Rustic Cabin was set in place late October 2014. SHTRA purchased the cabin from B & C Barns, Shepardsville, MI. It is located atop a ridge that overlooks the lake. The cabin sleeps, four people. Park management and SHTRA have finished work on the interior and exterior grounds. The cabin has access to Sleepy Hollow’s Equestrian Trails and can be rented online through the State’s reservation system.

Interested in renting The Cabin?  Go to 1-800-44-Parks or online, MI DNR Reservations, to register for a cabin rental. Do you want to horse camp when there is no special event scheduled at Sleepy? Don’t have an LQ  trailer? Try renting either the modern cabin that has electricity, shower, flush toilet, and microwave or the rustic cabin for a “get away & go riding” weekend. The Rustic Cabin is not so rustic. It has propane heat and solar-powered interior lights. Get a group together because it’s easy and fun to rent a Sleepy Hollow State Park cabin w/picket poles overlooking the lake. Bring your dogs to the rustic cabin. It is now allowed for a $10.00 fee.

Crushed limestone walkway and picnic pad.

An amazing view of the lake from the cabin.

Fire ring, picnic table and grill conveniently next to the cabin.

Rustic Cabin Interior view 1

Lots of natural light.

Knotty pine interior.

Picket poles for your horses.

Complete access to Sleepy Hollow Trail System

Ribbon cutting ceremony. SHTRA officially donates cabin to DNR.

Ribbon cutting ceremony. SHTRA officially donates cabin to DNR.