NOV 13th – Picket Poles

It was a cold and blustery day when 7 SHTRA members (Don Brown, Pat Brown, Marsha Putnam, Barb Drake, Myron Carsten, Alice Bills and Donna Apostle) gathered to install picket poles at the new rustic cabin. We wanted to get them in so they could “settle” over the winter and be ready to use in Spring 2015. Please allow time for the pictures to load.

Picket pole #1. Drilling the hole with the auger goes much faster than hand digger the holes with a post hole digger. First hole, the auger cuts through the ground like butter.

After putting in picket poles at the Rustic Cabin, the SHTRA crew moved to the Modern Cabin. The wind and snow showers did not deter the determined crew from finishing their task. With the picket poles in, the Modern Cabin is now available for equestrian use. Reservations can be made using the State’s On Line Reservation system. Unlike campsites, the cabins can be rented up to one year in advance. Please allow time for the pictures to load.

Myron (on tractor) and Don drilling holes. The ground by the Modern Cabin was very hard and stony so it was difficult work.